superstitousgirl has a day off she said i could take over and she asked me to tell you this

Hi guys i am doing my sports day tommorow so wish me luck, i  know some of you are doing yours tommorow so i wish you luck

Oops my phone is ringing its superstitous girl see you again. 🙂



I wanted to show you my favourite emoji here they are


Hope you  like them


Hello my name is anne I want to tell you all about my life.

Monday 1 june                                                                              Urg! Can my day get any worse it all started when i woke up in the morning i was listening to some music when my annoying little sister sasha told me i had a phone call i thought she was lying so i said ” realy go tell that person to leave me alone and get a life” thats exactly what my sister said . I soon realised my sister was talking on the phone i started to panic mabey she is telling the truth she started talking about my private things like i cant go to sleep without a night light,and that i go all weird when i talk to a cute person aaaaaargh! 😦 how could she say that i told her to give the phone to me so she did i said hello and the person replied “is that you” it was my crush aiden.


I am going to tell you about some of the things i go on ,on my phone so here they are

The mandevile sisters (youtube channel) Zoella(youtube channel) moviestarplanet(game) and of course i blog.

You might want to check out the things i go on 🙂


I know most of you guys probaly read dork diaries its an amazing book and i just want to talk about it . dork diaries is about a girl called niki her bff are zoey and chloe her crush is brandon and her worst enemy is mackenzie

Tell me what you think about dork diaries