Hello my name is anne I want to tell you all about my life.

Monday 1 june                                                                              Urg! Can my day get any worse it all started when i woke up in the morning i was listening to some music when my annoying little sister sasha told me i had a phone call i thought she was lying so i said ” realy go tell that person to leave me alone and get a life” thats exactly what my sister said . I soon realised my sister was talking on the phone i started to panic mabey she is telling the truth she started talking about my private things like i cant go to sleep without a night light,and that i go all weird when i talk to a cute person aaaaaargh! 😦 how could she say that i told her to give the phone to me so she did i said hello and the person replied “is that you” it was my crush aiden.


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